Slides from the Public Meeting 21.2.17

The slides from the public meeting are now posted online here.

Below is a record of the questions that were asked and discussed on the various aspects of the MSDT Community Right to Buy process and application to register community interest in the Sick Kids Hospital. It is not possible to immediately record all answers here, but they will be added to the FAQs as soon as possible:

  • Legal process and who would pay the legal fees. MSDT answered that the process is very closely regulated as set out in Scottish Government information leaflets. MSDT would have to cover its own legal fees.
  • Value of  the site. MSDT answered that the the agents had suggested a guide of £20m-£25m
  • Details of membership organisation. MSDT answered that members would all have one vote each.
  • ‘Public interest’ – meaning and implications
  • Setting up a housing coop – would it be a registered social landlord (RSL)? DR from Planning Action Group for Sick Kids (part of MSCC) answered that they had also had discussions with the planners about social housing requirements.
  • Demolition/retention of the various parts of the site
  • Where proceeds of the sale would go
  • Partial purchase of the site
  • Calculation of potential housing/resident numbers
  • Sustainable healthcare provision
  • Current landownership
  • Housing for homeless people
  • Demonstration of ‘harm’
  • Application submission dates
  • Requirement to provide 25% affordable housing
  • Inclusion of space for the school to use
  • Concern over heritage aspects and recent de-listings
  • Future communication/feedback to community. MSDT took an attendance record with the opportunity to leave contact details for those who wishes to receive updates.
  • Requirement to meet sustainable development goals
  • Section 75 agreements (Planning gain)
  • Robert McDowell (Summerhall) presented information on his recent bid made for the site
  • A contact from the landowner was also present and gave information/clarification on various queries noted above

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