Next Steps for the Sick Kids application – May 2017

We are currently awaiting a decision from the Scottish Ministers on our application to register community interest in land at the Sick Kids site. If granted, it means that the Community Body (MSDT) would have first option to buy the land.

In the meantime, we are preparing to commission a feasibility study if our application is granted. The Community Right to Buy process allows for a period of 8 months to conduct a valuation, a community ballot and a community led feasibility study and business plan.

The valuation

Scottish Ministers will appoint an independent valuer to conduct a full market valuation. The price to pay will be one of the following:
• the amount agreed between the two parties;
• if no agreement is reached, the market value of the land as assessed by the valuer; or
• if the valuation is appealed, an amount to be determined by the Lands Tribunal for Scotland.

Community ballot

A ballot of all eligible voters within the community will be conducted. The ballot will be conducted by a ballotter who is appointed by Scottish Ministers.

Feasibility study and business plan

The community body will commission a feasibility study to look at what options could work on the site. The first vital stage of this study is to engage the community and other stakeholders to gather ideas of what is needed in the area and consider how the site could be used to meet these needs. There will then be a business plan prepared around these proposals to investigate their viability, and to make further proposals as needed.

MSDT will be inviting multi-disciplinary teams with experience in community planning, architecture and business planning to tender for the study very soon.

The flowchart below shows where we’re at in relation to the overall Community Right to Buy process. (ScotGov graphic with MSDT coloured annotation)

Community Right To Buy


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