Marchmont & Sciennes Development Trust is a new community body on the south side of Edinburgh whose mission is to acquire and manage land for the direct benefit of the local area, and of the public generally. Members of the local community formed MSDT initially with the aim of acquiring the site of the iconic Sick Kids Hospital, which has served the local area for more than 120 years. Read more about this project here.

To acquire the site, the Trust seeks to use a legal mechanism called Community Right to Buy, part of the Land Reform Act (2003 and 2016).

What is ‘Community Right to Buy’?
Under the Land Reform Act (2003) Community Right to Buy (CRtB) allows communities throughout Scotland to register an interest in land. This exciting development is part of the Scottish Government’s progressive vision for local empowerment within democratic processes. Communities who successfully register a community interest in land have the first option to buy when the land is offered for sale. Since April 2016 this now applies to urban sites and communities.

For more information on Community Right to Buy and associated timescales, see the Scottish Government’s leaflet here.

Governance & Membership

MSDT is a registered company limited by guarantee (SC558295) and with charitable aims. The governing documents can be viewed here. Anyone can become a member of the Trust, although a minimum of three-quarters of the members must live within the defined local community area (see here for specific details). The membership is responsible for electing Directors to the Board, which oversees the day-to-day operations of the Trust.

To learn more about membership, including Associate Membership for Organisations, visit the membership page.

To learn more about the current Board, click here.