MSDT is run entirely through the support of local community members—and membership in the Trust is open to all in the community.

Members fall into a few categories as outlined below. Only ordinary members retain the right to attend general meetings, vote on resolutions, and elect people to serve as directors. Further, at any given time, a majority of directors of the Trust’s Board must be Member Directors—that is, they must come from the ordinary membership.

If you’d like to become a member of the Trust, we invite you to fill in and submit the form below, taking note of the different categories of membership.

Ordinary membership

Open to any person aged 16 years or over who:
✔ is ordinarily resident within the defined community area;
✔ is entitled to vote at a local government election in a polling district that includes the Community or part of it; and
✔ supports the aims and activities of the company.

Associate membership (Individual)

Open to those individuals who support the aims and activities of the company but do not meet all the Ordinary Membership criteria. The Articles of Association require that at least 75% of all members at any given time must be ordinary members. As such, applicants for associate membership may be added to a waiting list until such time as there are more associate membership spaces available. We will let all applicants know whether they have been accepted or are on the waiting list.

Associate membership (Organisation)

Open to organisations (wherever they have their principal place of business) that support the aims and activities of the company. In the case of an organisation which is not a corporate body, the organisation itself cannot be a member of the company; instead, membership shall be open to an individual nominated by that organisation.

Junior membership

Open to those individuals aged between 12 and 15 (whether or not they are ordinarily resident in the Community) who support the objects and activities of the Company.

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