Sick Kids Project

Acquiring the Sick Kids Site

Members of the community came together in December 2016 out of concern for the future of the Sick Kids Hospital site. NHS Lothian will be moving the children’s hospital in 2018 to a new site near the Royal Infirmary, and the Health Service began making quick efforts to sell the site late last year. Despite concerted efforts on the part of the Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council and local residents, many in the community were frustrated by the seeming lack of community input in to the sale and potential development. Rather than leave the development to private interests, MSDT was formed to bring the site into community ownership to ensure community and public interests are at the forefront of future development.

Recent changes to the Land Reform Act (2003) empower communities in urban areas to acquire land and buildings for local benefit, and it is under this legal framework that we are working to acquire the site.

We aspire to maintain the community’s strong geographic, historic, emotional, and economic ties to this land by developing a living and lively site that (a) remains open and accessible to the community, (b) continues the site’s long history of serving those in need, and (c) catalyses a stronger, more resilient local economy.

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